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Norman Rockwell Literary Digest Cover
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Norman Rockwell Literary Digest Cover. Multi-colored. Paper; glass; wood. This framed cover is a Christmas scene of two WWI American Marines giving gifts and dinner to a young girl and boy. A small Christmas tree in the center of the table is decorated with small American, Belgium and French Flags. A kitten climbs a box on the floor marked, "Merry Christmas to Pvt. Sammy...2nd Regiment, U. S. Marine Corps." It is signed in the print, "Norman Rockwell U.S.M.R.F." The cover is marked, "Title Reg. U. S. Pat. Off." It reads, "Notice to Reader: When you finish reading this magazine, place a one-cent stamp on this notice, mail the magazine, and it will be placed in the hands of our soldiers or sailors destined to proceed overseas." It is also marked, "In Redeemed Belgium, New York Funk & Wagnalls Company London, Public Opinion New York combined with The Literary Digest, Vol. 59, No. II. Whole No. 1495, December 14, 1918, Price 10 Cents.", World War

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