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Hittite Relief - LO.635
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Sculpted in basalt in very bold relief, the composition depicts a ruler standing in his chariot about to shoot an arrow from his bow. He is accompanied to the right by his charioteer, only the top of whose head is preserved, and on his left, by an image in reduced scale of his queen who holds a floral-like attribute in her upraised hand. The lanceolate-tipped element behind her head is a spear. One of the king’s retainerswalks on the ground behind the chariot carrying a floral attribute in one hand and a vessel in the other; the field beneath his elbow is filled with smaller motifs which are difficult to interpret butmayperhapsbeenpartofaninscription.Hittite Relief-LO.635Origin:Anatolian Plateau Circa: 800 BC to 600 BCDimensions: 15.5" (39.4cm) high x 22.5" (57.2cm) wide Collection: Near Eastern Style: Hittite Medium: Basalt

Ancient Near East
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