Late Bronze Age Terracotta Vessel - PF.2946 - For Sale

Late Bronze Age Terracotta Vessel - PF.2946
Price: $1800.00
This charming monochromatic Bronze Age vessel carries with it the history of more than three thousand years. The small, delicate vessel has an unusual curvilinear biomorphic shape, somewhat like the body of a bird. It has an elegantly formed opening and an arching handle. Such features reveal that as long ago as the Bronze Age, people thoughtfully considered the utilitarian aspects of simple pottery. It is fascinating to wonder who touched this vessel, where it was placed, and what it once contained. Holding it brings one back to ancient Israel, a land filled with wondrous, historical events. Such a momentary retreat into the past showers one with the mystical sensation of connecting with ancient times. - (PF.2946)

Ancient Near East
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Barakat Gallery
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Beverly Hills
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