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Old Babylonian Terracotta Cuneiform Tablet - LO.1251
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.This tablet has a total of 29 lines of Sumerian cuneiform on obverse andreverse,with cylinder seal impressions (to show the seal inscription) on the reverse before the date at the end and on upper, lower and left side edges. Itisdatedtoking Damiq-ilishuof Isin, in southern Mesopotamia, c. 1817-1794 B.C., to the 9th year of his reign.Translation:10 acres of palm grove, in the ..[…] estate, palm groveof Hibti-Nana,wifeof Ur-dukuga, facing the palm grove of Sin-eribam, close to Sillabi:61/2shekelsofsilverwasweighed out. Sin-eribam purchaseditfrom Hibti-Nana,wifeof Ur-dukuga.Inthefuture Hibti-Nana, wife of Ur-dukuga, and as many heirs asheremaybe,maynotclaimthepalmgrove.Shesworebytheking.Old Babylonian Terracotta Cuneiform Tablet-LO.1251Origin:Mesopotamia Circa: 1817BCo1794BCDimensions: 3 " (7.6cm)highx1.87(4.7cm)wide Collection:Near Eastern Style:Old Babylonian Medium: Terracotta

Ancient Near East
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