Old Babylonian Terracotta Cuneiform Tablet - LO.1254 - For Sale

Old Babylonian Terracotta Cuneiform Tablet - LO.1254
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This tablet has a total of 20 lines of Sumerian cuneiform on the obverse and reverse, and has rollings of no less than seven cylinder seals to show the inscription on them: the seven together on the reverse, and repeated on the edges: two on theupperedge, two on the lower edge, and the remaining three on the left-hand edge.Itisdated to the first year of Zambiya, king of Isin in Sumer c. 1836 B. C.Translation:1/2 a ninda, 4 cubits length, 1 1/2 ninda width, its area 1 musar 15 iku: an undeveloped plot of land adjacent to the house of Erra-qarrad, palace administrator: Zambiya the king sold it to Beli-tayyar son of Patum. He (Beli-tayyar) weighed out for him (Zambiya) 12 1/2 shekels of silver.Seal of: Ur-Shulpa’e, administrator of the date groves Erra-gasher, comptroller Dadi, supervisor of the merchant bankers Ur-dukuga Ili-kitti Ili-iddinashu And Ilushu-ibbishu rolled their seals.Seal inscriptions: Ur-Shulpa’e royal scribe son of Lu-Amar-Suena adminstrator of thedategroves Old Babylonian Terracotta Cuneiform Tablet - LO.1254Origin: Mesopotamia Circa: 1836 BCDimensions: 3.5" (8.9cm) high x 2.25" (5.7cm) wide Collection: Near

Ancient Near East
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