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Sumerian Cuneiform Bulla - LSO.33
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Clay bulla: 51 x 42 x 47 x 47 mm This is three-sided and hollow where originally rope or cord with knots was enclosed within it. The bulla was to protect the package or sack from interference. Thus the sides are covered with impressions of the scribe’s cylinder seal and with his name and the date: Month Shunigal, year: the high priestess of Nanna of Karzida was installed This is the ninth year of Amar-Sin, third king of the Third Dynasty of Ur, c. 2038 BC. The seal shows a standing figure with bare head and long robe raising one hand to greet a seated deity. A three-line inscription names the seal owner, then gives his title and his father’s name, but all three lines are not sufficiently clearly preserved to be read in full. What the package contained may have beenstatedonthebulla,butifsoitisnowcoveredwithhardincrustation and.Suchbullaewerenormallybrokenwhenthepackagewasopened,sothisisarareitem,atlarge.-(LSO.33)Sumerian Cuneiform Bulla LSO.33Origin:Israel Circa:2038BCCollection:Ancient Writings Style:Sumerian Medium: clay Condition: Very Fine

Ancient Near East
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