An Egyptian Pre-Dynastic Pottery Vessel, Naqada II - SK.027 - For Sale

An Egyptian Pre-Dynastic Pottery Vessel, Naqada II - SK.027
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Naqada is a town on the west bank of the Nile known as Nubt in ancient Egypt. It gave its name to a pre-dynastic culture that existed in this area and other sites, stretching as far south as Nubia. Archaeologists sub-divide the period even further and ‘Naqada II’ refers to items produced c. 3500-3100 BC. During this era (also known as ‘Gerzean’) pottery production increased considerably and innovations in form, colour and technique were introduced. This reflects the increasingly complexity of society and new socio-economic conditions, such as intensified trade with groups from Western Asia. Farming became more intense and although hunting was still important, the lifestyle became more sedentary. The pottery produced in this period is characterised by the use of a pale clay, perhaps pre-worked on a hand wheel. The surface of the clay was left in its natural state and adorned with red-painted motifs of stylised people, animals, ships and geometric designs. Many of these are evocative of the flora and fauna of the Nile Valley.
This particular vessel is of globular form with barrel-shaped lug handles and a flat everted rim. The decoration is applied in red-slip on a buff ground and consists of concentric circles interposed with horizontal and vertical wavy lines. Similar vessels have been found in pre- dynastic graves and once held liquids or substances for use in the afterlife. In addition to its historic value, the vessel has a strong aesthetic appeal with its bold, abstract design. (AM) - (SK.027 )

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