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Luristan Bronze Horse Bit - LO.1370
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Luristan bronze is a term referring to a setofancientbronzeartifactsofvariousindividual forms which have been recovered from Luristan and Kermanshahareasinwest-central Iran. They include a great number ofweapons,ornaments,tools,andceremonialobjects. Itisnotcertainwhethertheywerecreatedbythe Cimmeriansortheancient Persians-Medes. Typical Luristan style objectsbelongtothe(Iranian)Iron Age(c.1300/1250-650BC).The term "Luristan bronze" isnotnormallyusedtorefertoearlierbronzeartifactsfrom Luristan, datable to a period between the fourth millennium BCE and the (Iranian)Bronze Age (c. 3000/2900-1300/1250 BC), when bronze objects from Luristanweresimilartothose foundin Mesopotamiaandonthe Iranianplateau.BRONZESOFLURISTAN,theaccepted term for a distinct body of metalwork produced in the first half ofthefirstmillennium b.c. and characterized by a wide range of of human and animal representation. These bronzes are to be distinguished from material excavated in Luristan but belonging to earlier periods and from material incorrectly attributed to Luristan. Typical categories of canonical Luristan bronze artifacts in­clude cast animalfinials,standardswithmasters of animals, horse cheekpieces, and harness attachments in the form of naturalistic or fantastic creatures, figured and disc pins, whetstone handles, and bracelets. Among the weapons are swords, daggers, axes, maces, quivers, and halberds. Both casting and Luristan Bronze Horse Bit - LO.1370Origin: Central Asia Circa: 900 BC to 600 BCCollection: Near Eastern Art Style: Luristan Medium: Bronze

Ancient Near East
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