Egyptian Wooden Furniture Attachment - SK.023 - For Sale

Egyptian Wooden Furniture Attachment - SK.023
Price: $6500.00
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 336 BC to 30 BC
Dimensions: 10.5 " (26.7cm) high
Collection: Egyptian
Style: Ptolemaic
Medium: Wood
This pierced rectangular panel depicts a seated ibis with its sickle-shaped beak resting on the head of a kneeling male figure. The figure wears a frontal uraeus, a stylised cobra that symbolised royalty, divinity or authority in ancient Egypt. Naked to the waist, he wears a short tunic and holds one arm out in supplication. The ibis was considered a sacred bird and associated with wisdom and purity. Thoth, the god of writing, wisdom and the moon, was often depicted with a human body and ibis head. In the late period ibises were frequently embalmed and interred in tombs in earthenware jugs. It was believed that they would provide instruction and protection during the last journey. This panel may well have come from an item of furniture placed in a prestigious tomb, such as a funerary bed or ceremonial chair. In its original state it would have been painted and gilded, but it continues to impress us with its elegant design. (AM) - (SK.023)

Ancient Egyptian
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