New Kingdom Faience Amulet of Horus - PF.1964 - For Sale

New Kingdom Faience Amulet of Horus - PF.1964
Price: $900.00
Origin: Egypt
Circa: 1550 BC to 1300 BC
Collection: Egyptian
Style: New Kingdom
Medium: Faience
In ancient Egypt, rich and poor alike adorned themselves with amulets and charms to protect against evil and to ensure good fortune. Such talismans were an integral part of daily life, shaped in gold, gems, and most commonly, the glass paste, faience. The sharp-beaked falcon head crowned with a sun disk on this miniature statue identifies it as the god Horus, all-seeing protector of the Pharaoh. The blessings of Horus were thought to make one as powerful as Pharaoh himself, and to keep one safe from harm. What is most remarkable about this amulet is its energy: the gold is rendered with the muscular power of sculpture on a much larger scale. Full of benevolent magic, it evokes the eternal mystery that is Egypt itself. - (PF.1964)

Ancient Egyptian
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