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1818 Silkwork Sampler by Ann BuryLuck
Price: $1350.00
George III, dated 1818 1818 Silkwork Sampler by Ann BuryLuck(?). Framed in an old wood frame with gilt slip and glass. Mounted to conservator standards on acid free card with chipboard backing. The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in a variety of stitches. Meandering floral border. Colours copper, cream, gold, pink, grey, brown and greens. Verse reads ''You, Whose Fond wishes do to Heaven aspire.> Who make those blest Abodes your sole Desire:> If you are Wise, and hope that Bliss to gain,> Use Well your Time, Live not an Hour in vain,> Let not the Morrow your vain Thoughts employ,> But think this Day the Last you Shall enjoy.'' Signed and dated ''Ann BuryLuck Completed this work. April the Tenth 1818 In the Ninth year of her age''. It is hard to make out the name, but this is our best guess. A good set of motifs, including potted flowering plants, birds, flowers, flowering trees and fruit baskets. Generally Good. A number of holes. A few pale stains and stain specks. Darkening of the ground in the border. Some stitch losses to the border, signature and motifs. Colours are all good and strong with no noticeable fading. Colour run around the green threads. Unevenly stretched. Sampler is overframed on two sides. Frame in good condition, ready to hang. 15.5ins by 12.25ins wide

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