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1846 Commemorative Sampler by Charlotte Cull
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Victorian, dated 1846 1846 Silkwork Commemorative Sampler by Charlotte Cull. The sampler depicts a representation of the Rufus Stone, which marks the spot where King William II was fatally wounded by an arrow, during a hunting trip in the New Forest in 1100AD. Framed in a modern, gilt over wood, frame behind green mount card and glass. Stitched over card with chipboard backing. The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground, in cross stitch throughout. Rolling waves border. Colours gold, light brown, green and black. Verses read ''Mine..> steed in the> new forest hants> these are the words> on King Rufus stone''. ''Here stood the Oak> Tree on which a narrow> shot by Sir Walter> Tyrrell at a stag glan-> ced and struck King> William the 2nd surnamed> Rufus in the breast of> which he instantly Died> on the 2nd Day of Au ..> gust in the year of> our Lord 1100''. ''King William the 2nd Sur-> named Rufus being> slain as is before rela..> ted was laid in a cart> belonging to one Pur..> kess and drawn from> hence to Winchester> and Buried in the Cathe> dral Church of that> City''. In the year of our> Lord 1745 that where> an event so memori..> able had happened sho..> uld not be hereafter> unknown this stone> was set up by John> Lord Delewarr who> has seen the Tree in> this Place''. This spot was visi..> ted by King George> the 3rd and Queen Cha> rlotte on the 27th Day> of June In the year> of our Lord 1790''. ''This stone having been> much mutilated and the ins..> scriptions on each of its> three sides defaced this m.> ore durable memorial with> the original inscriptions w> as erected in the year 1845> by Wm Sturges Bourn''. This stone was re..> paired by John Rit..> chard Earl Delewarr> In the year of our> Lord 1790''. ''Charlotte Cull is my name> England is my nation> Minesteed is my native place> And Christ is my salvation> In the hour of dark temptation> Satan cannot make me yield> For the word of consolation> Is to me a mighty shield''. ''Weep not for the saint that ascends> To partake of the joys of the sky> Weep not for the seraph that bends> With the worshipping chorus on high> Weep not for the spirit now crownd> With the garland to faithfulness given> Oh weep not for him as he has found> His reward and his refuge in heaven''. Signed and dated ''Finished January 28th In The Year Of Our Lord 1846''. A couple of floral and fir tree motifs. Generally Good. A few holes and a couple of tears. Some dark staining in places. No stitch losses other than to the holed areas. Colours are mostly good and strong with no noticeable fading. Very slight colour run around the black threads. Stretching is very slightly uneven. Frame in good condition, ready to hang. 21ins by 15.5ins wide

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