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Amphora with Incised Decorations - P.2295
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The principal pattern decorating this very ancient vessel may represent the tree of life, amotifwhichstillappearshroughouthe Near Easttoday.Imaginethehandsthatshapeditsolongago,anddrewquickpatternsinthestillwetclay;orthehandsthatfilleditwithsomedesirablecommodity--cosmetics, perfume, rare balm. We can almost picture the person who purchased the vessel, used its contents, and was buried with it. When we hold this lovely amphora today, it is like a key that opens a hundred doorways through which the imagination might pass into a long-forgotten world. - (P.2295)Amphora with Incised Decorations - P.2295Origin: Syria Circa: 6000 BC to 4000 BCDimensions: 4.5" (11.4cm) high x 2.875" (7.3cm) wide Catalogue: V1Collection: Near Eastern Style: Neolithic Medium: Terracotta

Ancient Near East
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