Bronze Zebu Bull Amulet - FZ.211 - For Sale

Bronze Zebu Bull Amulet - FZ.211
Price: $600.00
One of the first creatures domesticated by man was the Zebu, the humpbacked ox it was considered aworthysacrifice to the gods. This small bronze votive may have been offered in place of the real animal to win thefavorsoftheheavens. It depicts the Zebureducedtoitsessence:horns,hump,tail.Thehumanhopesanddreamsitrepresentshavenotlosttheir magic with thepassageoftime.-(FZ.211)Bronze Zebu Bull Amulet - FZ.211Origin:Afghanistan Circa:2000 BC to 1500 BCDimensions: 1.125" (2.9cm) high x .625" (1.6cm) wide Collection: Near Eastern Style: Bronze Age Medium:Bronze

Ancient Near East
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