Small Glass Fluted Juglet - LO.943 - For Sale

Small Glass Fluted Juglet - LO.943
Price: $5000.00
This small greenish juglet features a cylindrical fluted body with round shoulder, cylindrical neck leading to a splayed funnel mouth with rim folded inward, the base concave with pontil mark. The handle rises from the shoulder to the rim, terminating in a small fold. A trail winds twice spirally closely in the middle of the neck. A pale weathering crust covers most of the neck and shoulder.Among the different types of tableware, jugs are particularly notable for their pleasing and elegant forms, the shape influenced by contemporary silver and gold decanters. Cylindrical bottles and jugs with mould-blown vertical ribbing on the body were common in Syria and Palestine between the 3rd and 6th century AD. This vertical effect was mostly produced by means of a very simple mould, although sometimes pinching was used for a less uniform effect. This type remained in use for a long period of time. Examples have been found in a burial cave of the 3rd century AD at Tell Halif, in a tomb of the 4th-5th century Ad at Beth She’arim, providing a solid dating for this vessel typology.For an almost identical example in the Israel Museum see Y.Israel, Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, 2003: pl.218, p. 184. - (LO.943)

Ancient Unknown
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