Medallion Amulet of a Lion - PF.2998 - For Sale

Medallion Amulet of a Lion - PF.2998
Price: $1800.00
This charming amulet depicts a lion in a reclining pose with his tail frozen in a pose suggesting movement. Above the lion's head are a group of stylized leaves, which form a natural canopy for the resting animal. The scene leaves the viewer with the impression that he or she has just interrupted the king of beasts as he rests in a shady bower. The lion has a highly anthropomorphized visage and he is in possession of all the facial features of a human being, including two delicately painted eyebrows. He also has a mane, which adorns his face like a long beard. Small dots and lines mark his coat in what appears to be an attempt to represent pattern, shading or both. Although this regal beast dates from the Roman period, he exhibits a striking Babylonian influence, which is further heightened by the highly polished surface of the obverse of the amulet. This amulet sensitively portrays a quiet moment in nature, which transcends time and appeals to the modern connoisseur as it did to his or her ancient counterpart. - (PF.2998)

Ancient Unknown
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