Cardeilhac! Rare Antique French Sterling Covered Tureen Legumier & Liner - For Sale

Cardeilhac! Rare Antique French Sterling Covered Tureen Legumier & Liner
Price: $12745.00
This sumptuous lidded serving dish, crafted by Armand-Edouard Cardeilhac, silversmith to Napoleon III, is magnificently decorated with a rich Renaissance pattern of engraving and textures on the cover. The pierced silver handles intricately designed with strapping and foliate motifs surrounding remarkable and lovely classical mascarons: women's faces crowned with tiaras and lush plumage. The fitted lid is decorated on it's handle with a mascaron: a male face in this instance. The formed & fitted rim of the outer bowl is ribbed and edged with scrolling acanthus. The liner inside is 950/1000 parts sterling silver. Also the cover and the bowl have applied sterling silver monograms, interlaced, 'LLT', I think. I am not good at decrypting these monograms. This covered tureen, or vegetable serving dish, is huge! It is over 13" long, 6" tall and weighs over 3 pounds: 1,435 kgs. Condition is very good to excellent. The liner and bottom have some signs of use, minor depressions. These imperfections have been relieved through the services of my silversmith; it's always difficult to decide whether to restore, as restoration can impact the value of an antique. In this case, the restorations were so minor and benign, the piece so rare and exceptional, it seemed the right decision. An absolutely magnificent serving piece that will not fail to delight, amaze and impress your favored guests. Not to mention a very fine indeed addition to your best collection of exquisite silver.
Priced similar pieces in Paris last week. Should you decide to but a serving piece of this quality from a similar first rate smith, Puiforcat, expect to pay in the 60,000.00 euro range!

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