Graeco-Roman Gold Head Pendant With Inset Garnet - FJ.0135 - For Sale

Graeco-Roman Gold Head Pendant With Inset Garnet - FJ.0135
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The goldsmiths of the classical world created delicate fantasies from gold and precious gems. The jewelry worn by the nobility of Greece and Rome was worked with sculptural precision and a rich attention to detail. This splendid little head, part of a pendant or a clasp, offers an intriguing hint of vanished masterpiece. Crafted with a skill worthy of full-scale portraiture, it may depict a living prince or king. The garnet, of the purple hue associated with royalty, was one of the most popular gems of antiquity. As we admire this head's serene beauty today, we cannot help but wonder who might have worn it so long ago. - (FJ.0135)

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