Hellenistic Marble Torso of a Man - X.0397 - For Sale

Hellenistic Marble Torso of a Man - X.0397
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The surface of this gorgeous marble sculpture has been covered with a thick encrusted patina. The forms of the encrustation indicate that the work was submerged underwater for a significant portion of its history. Parts of the surface, in fact, seem to be carved from a coral reef. Some of the most important works of Ancient Greek art have been found underwater, including the famed Riace warriors. From the positioning of his limbs, we can tell that this young man was originally standing with his weight resting on his right leg. His left thigh projects slightly forward and his left shoulder is slightly lower than his right. In a typical Hellenistic fashion, the artist has chosen to represent this man in a moment of repose. Was this work once placed atop a seaside cliff, only to tumble into the waves during a natural disaster or perhaps a period of civil unrest. In some cases, works of art have been buried underwater when ancient vessels transporting commercial merchandize crashed at the bottom of the sea. Is it possible that this work was in the midst of being transported from the sculptor’s studio to the residence of a faraway patron? Resurrected from the deep, this magnificent sculpture is a testament to the creativity and innovation of the Hellenistic era. - (X.0397)

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