Islamic Green Glass Bowl - GF.0121 - For Sale

Islamic Green Glass Bowl - GF.0121
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Islamic Green Glass Bowl - GF.0121, Origin: Jericho, Circa: 900 AD to 1000 AD, Dimensions: 2" (5.1cm) high, Collection: Islamic Art, Style: Mold Blown/Tooled, Medium: Glass, This transluscent green bowl has flared curved walls departing from a slightly kicked, but otherwise flat, base. The rim is straight, and a lip is tooled just below. The decoration consists of an overall pattern of sunken hexagones forming a honeycomb motif. Such motifs were adopted by Islamic glassmakers who found inspiration in Sassanian decorative prototypes. Since the honeycomb pattern was amongst the most popular and well-known motifs by the end of the ninth century, it was adopted by the metalworkers who prepared the bronze molds for the glassmakers.

Ancient Near East
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