Roman Silver Arm Bracelet With Gold Medallion - FJ.0102 - For Sale

Roman Silver Arm Bracelet With Gold Medallion - FJ.0102
Price: $4800.00
Under the influence of Barbarian tastes in the late Roman Empire, the delicate Hellenistic style in jewelry gave way to a bolder mode of ornament. The jewels of this period make powerful visual statements that reflect the social changes affecting the Empire. This splendid bracelet no doubt once adorned the upper arm of a Roman citizen. It is crafted of heavy silver with a central medallion of gold. It depicts a stylized figure with crescent shaped wings. This may well be an angel in the Christian tradition, which had recently triumphed as the official state religion. As we hold this jewel, perhaps slipping it onto our own arm as someone did long ago, we are connected in an intimate way with the glories of a vanished world. - (FJ.0102)

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Barakat Gallery
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