Roman Glass Dish - GF.0331 - For Sale

Roman Glass Dish - GF.0331
Price: $9800.00
Glass has been prized for centuries. The fine qualities that the ancients enjoyed the clarity, translucency, brilliance and malleability of glass, are the same characteristics that appeal to modern aesthetics. Moreover, the passage of time has served ancient glass well, as evidenced by the iridescent quality of this stunning roman blown glass bowl. This beautiful bowl also exhibits the excellent craftsmanship for which the ancient roman glassblowers are known. A softly rounded rim dips down ever so elegantly to join the gently sloping sides of the bowl. At the same time, a well-proportioned ring base elevates the body of the shallow bowl, further accentuating its attractive shape. This masterpiece of ancient glass would truly enhance any room today, just as it did so many centuries ago, adding an element of timeless beauty and elegance. - (GF.0331)

Antique Glass
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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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