Roman Glass Bangle - GF.0340 - For Sale

Roman Glass Bangle - GF.0340
Price: $600.00
For centuries glass has been used for jewelry and ornaments due to its translucent brilliance and range of color. In ancient times glass jewelry, such as this lovely bracelet, was considered very precious, more valuable than gold in fact, and only the wealthy classes would have been able to afford them. Here we find gorgeous green swirling with yellow and reddish-brown, interlacing around one another like patterns on a tropical flower. Along the rim is a raised white band segmented by black. The narrowness of the opening indicates this bracelet was made for a child, perhaps the son or daughter of a wealthy merchant or even member of the nobility. Whoever last wore it centuries ago must have done so with pride; just as the person who next wears it will feel that same pleasure in having something beautiful and rare adorning their wrist. - (GF.0340)

Antique Glass
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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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