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Roman Glass Tubular Jar - X.0613`
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Tubular jars were one of the two preferred shapes for containing kohl (black eye paint),together with double tubes, ever since its introduction in ancient civilisations. Originally no fancier than hollow reeds, the tubes were soon made of luxury materials such as various metals, faience and glass. Well known are the Egyptian palm column containers of the New Kingdom. In countries where kohl was regularly used, containers were often made of glass and sometimes even decorated with an eye to render its function explicit. The alabastron which contained fragrant oil in Greece was then used for kohl in Western Asia. In the second half of the 3rd century the tubular glass jar became popular in Syria and Palestine, its elegant bulbous outline evoking a woman with bellowing skirts supporting a load on her head.Remains of kohl were found in several of these vessels, confirming their primary use as beauty containers. As such, this beautifully preserved iridescent jar indirectly evokes the elegance and sophistication of ancient Near Eastern women in those far-flung times. - (X.0613)

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