Silver Islamic Signet Ring - FJ.6395 - For Sale

Silver Islamic Signet Ring - FJ.6395
Price: $3600.00
Silver Islamic Signet Ring - FJ.6395, Origin: Jericho/ Palestine, Circa: 1100 AD to 1600 AD, Collection: Jewelry, Style: Islamic, Medium: Silver. In the ancient world signet rings were used to make impressions upon clay, wax, or similar impressionable materials. From early Egyptian times, through the Greek and Roman period, signet rings served as an equivalent to a person's signature, taking the place of locks and keys. Due to the danger of forgery the great Greek statesman Solon (6th century B.C.) forbade the ring-engraver to keep an impression of an engraved design once the ring was sold. This handsome ring served as both a signature seal, and also as an object of beauty and prestige. The lovely flowing script dances on the silver like light reflected on water. There is subtle strength in this ring, and yet a sense of delicacy which continues the pride in ownership, and the pleasure in wearing something of a time honored tradition.

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