Large Green Glass Vessel - OF.222 (LSO) - For Sale

Large Green Glass Vessel - OF.222 (LSO)
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This attractive glass vessel dates to the heyday of Mediterranean glass production in the Mediterranean. It is a flagon-like piece, with a globular body – the widest portion being 1/3 up the side profile – narrowing to a constricted apex. The neck, which was added separately, is columnar, with a large, horizontal flange lip. The body and the neck are joined by an ornate strip handle, the apex of which is lower than the vessel’s lip, and is attached to the body in a wave-like pattern. The ground is green, with a patina of age that bestows an attractive opalescence. Its function is uncertain, although its size implies that it was designed for use for foodstuffs rather than as an uguentarium.

Antique Glass
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