Roman Bronze Applique of Bacchus - FZ.359 - For Sale

Roman Bronze Applique of Bacchus - FZ.359
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Originally, this bronze sculpture would have been attached to a piece of furniture. What a fantastic ornament to decorate the arms of your favorite drinking chair. Regardless of the function, it was clearly associated with the joys of the Bacchanals. Perhaps, this was an emblem for one the numerous cults of Bacchus. The divine creator of alcohol appears to have sampled a bit too much of his work. He stares blankly, as if gazing at the space in between us, not at us. However, even in his inebriation, he maintains his composure. He wears a crown of leaves and two bunches of grapes protrude from his head like small horns. The back half of the head is truncated. Nails probably would have been driven into the two small holes along the edge, securing the decoration into place. The desire to alter our reality is as old as civilization itself. Bacchus is an ancient spokesman advertising his goods. He tells us to relax, recline, and enjoy the nectar of the gods. Who would not proudly boast this endorsement on some piece of furniture for all to see? - (FZ.359)

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