Byzantine Cross Mounted in a Gold Setting - FJ.5801 - For Sale

Byzantine Cross Mounted in a Gold Setting - FJ.5801
Price: $4800.00
This gorgeous bronze Byzantine cross was found in Jerusalem and was created between the fourth and sixth centuries A.D. One of the most striking features of this cross is the simplicity of its design. The edge of the cross consists of three concentric borders that conform to its shape. Within these borders are five concentric circles. One is at the center, and the other four are located at the extremities of the cross. These probably symbolize the points where Christ’s head, hands, heart, and feet would have lain. This cross exhibits a refined geometric elegance, which is manifested in its four equidistant rectangular arms. It is a work of art, which combines both religious symbolism and attention to form. The bronze from which it is fashioned is graced with the patina of time and reveals its ancient origins. The spiritual impact of this cross, however, transcends time and speaks to us of religious devotion. - (FJ.5801)

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