Byzantine Oil Lamp - LO.1166 - For Sale

Byzantine Oil Lamp - LO.1166
Price: $400.00
Piriform lamp, the noozle bearing a single candlestick motif, which is sometimes referred as a palm branch or a Menorah design. The handle is marked by a small dot and the lamp has a ring base. This type of Byzantine lamp is often associated with Jerusalem and Judea, although it has also been found in other parts of Israel.
A lamp such as this might have lit homes in the Holy Land during the early flowering of Byzantium. A metaphor for joy and prosperity, for hope, for life itself, lamps have illuminated the path of civilization for centuries. They have shed light on mundane and extraordinary events alike, guiding great thoughts through the night, and standing vigil with lonely passions. In the presence of this simple object, we are in touch directly with a vanished world, with the rooms and shrines once warmed by its glow, with the people who drew comfort from its light. Today it remains as an enduring symbol of man's desire to conquer the darkness. - (LO.1166)

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