Archaic Monochrome Terracotta Bowl - PF.6006a - For Sale

Archaic Monochrome Terracotta Bowl - PF.6006a
Price: $480.00
This terracotta bowl is a fine example of the elegant simplicity of Archaic Greek pottery. The form is inherent to the function: a curved bowl used for the presentation and serving of foods. The bowl rests on a slightly flaring base, painted red. Originally, two handles would have been attached to the sides to facilitate transportation and usage; remnants of the fragmented joins are still visible. The decoration is kept to a bare minimum; however, it still maintains an air of elegant sophistication. The center of the bowl is highlighted with a ring of concentric circles, similar to a target. Meanwhile, the lip and inner rim are adorned with red paint, echoed in two red bands beneath the rim. An undulating red squiggle adorns the outer rim, connecting the two lost handles. Certain wares, such as this example, are characterized by minimal decoration precisely applied on a buff background to form an elegantly simple bowl. One can easily envision the hand of the craftsman who decorated this bowl with such care and precision. The refined movements of the artist's hands have traversed time for us to admire and treasure. - (PF.6006a)

Ancient Greek
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