Corinthian Askos in the Form of a Bird - PF.5591 - For Sale

Corinthian Askos in the Form of a Bird - PF.5591
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An askos is traditionally used for pouring oil. However, this vessel has taken on the untraditional form of a bird. The elongated beak served as a spout while the oil would have been loaded through the opening at the top of the bird’s back. Next to the loading mouth, there is a strap handle decorated with black painted lines. In fact, the entire vessel is elaborated with red and black painted highlights. Radiating lines depict the texture of the tail feathers protruding from the hind. The wings are elegantly painted with feathers and rows of hash marks. The bulging red eyes with recessed centers are painted in, as are sporadic spots along the neck. While pottery and functional vessels often took the form of animals, few are quite so entirely successful. In the end, this is not a pouring jar in the shape of a bird; but a bird in the form of a pouring jar. - (PF.5591)

Ancient Greek
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