Magna Graecian Bichrome Jug - PF.5426 - For Sale

Magna Graecian Bichrome Jug - PF.5426
Price: $780.00
Similar to an olpe in style, this jug has a flared, broad mouth with a vertical handle attached to the lip and the spherical body. The dark slip of the handle spills over onto the inner lip, while the body is red just beyond the center before turning to buff. A bulbous middle narrows quickly to the low foot. Though simple in form, this vessel is nicely balanced and pleasing to the eye. It may have been used for individual portions of wine scooped from a larger storage jar. Pottery of Southern Italy, known in antiquity as Magna Grecia, is "warmer" in appearance than those from Greece, with its fine coloration blending soft shades of red and cream. - (PF.5426)

Ancient Greek
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