Apulian Red-Figure Bell Krater - AM.0025 - For Sale

Apulian Red-Figure Bell Krater - AM.0025
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The wide-mouthed bell krater was designed for mixing wine with water. This superb vessel may have been utilised at a symposium, or drinking party, an occasion for philosophical discussion as well as drinking and music.The obverse depicts the god Pan in goat form dancing to the tune of a flute-player standing to the right. Pan holds a lamp in his right hand and balances a basket and a jug on his head with his left. The musician wears a chiton with a decorated hem and a wreath adorns his long, curly dark hair. The figures are flanked on both sides by a palmette motif. The laurel motif adorns the band beneath the rim, whilst the lower border is defined by a repeating wave motif.The reverse depicts a female, draped only below the waist with a fillet in her hair. To the viewer’s right stands a heavily draped male figure who holds a staff in his right hand, whilst his hair is adorned with an ivy wreath. - (AM.0025)

Ancient Unknown
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