Apulian Red-Figure Bell Krater - AM.0035 - For Sale

Apulian Red-Figure Bell Krater - AM.0035
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On the obverse of this bell krater a naked male, wearing a fillet in his hair, turns his head back towards a draped female wearing a sakkos. The male carries a laurel branch in his right hand and a phiale in his left in an action of gesture toward the female. The chlamys draped over the male’s left arm billows in the direction of his left leg forming a rough parallel and rendering the body into a common ‘X’ shaped composition. The female carries a garland of rosettes her right hand and a sprig of laurel with fillets attached in her left. The mood is festive and celebratory. A palmette design flanks the figures on either side, whilst a laurel motif adorns the band beneath the rim. The meander motif encircles the krater just above the base.The reverse shows two young heavily draped males, both carrying staffs and facing one another. Votive plaques feature in the field. - (AM.0035)

Ancient Unknown
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