Apulian Red and White-Figure Volute Krater - AM.0036 - For Sale

Apulian Red and White-Figure Volute Krater - AM.0036
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The volute krater is named after its handles which terminate in rounded volutes at the lip. Originally designed for mixing wine with water, elaborately decorated vessels such as this one also acquired a funereal purpose. In this example this suggested function seems to be confirmed by the subject matter. On the obverse a draped female wearing a sakkos and viewed in profile sits within a white Ionic naiskos. This is thought to represent a tomb structure and therefore the figure within it is deceased. To the right a naked wreathed male wearing a chlamys over his left arm, carries a bunch of grapes and a laurel bow. On the left a draped female brandishes a mirror in her left hand. Both the male and the female are offering gifts to the deceased.The top of the naiskos punctuates a vertical line motif which decorates the shoulder of the krater. This gives way to a central female head, wearing a sakkos and surrounded by vines and rosettes. This is surmounted by meander, wave and finally the egg and dot motif which encircles the rim of the krater. The handles each have white female mascaroons.The reverse depicts two draped males each holding an ivy leaf. They stand in front of a Doric column decorated with fillets. Fillets also adorn the field. The figures are flanked on both sides by a palmette complex. Each handle is embossed with a red male mascaroon. This exceptional vessel conjures up the spiritual preoccupations of the fourth century and concern for the afterlife. - (AM.0036)

Ancient Unknown
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