Apulian Red-Figure Oinochoe - AM.0039 - For Sale

Apulian Red-Figure Oinochoe - AM.0039
Price: $9000.00
The oinochoe was designed for pouring wine from a krater into a drinking vessel. This attractive example has a trefoil mouth and a single handle. The obverse depicts a naked male with a fillet tied around his curly black hair. A chlamys, draped over his left arm , billows out in alignment with his left leg. The figure carries a jug in his right hand and a phiale in his left. The body has been rendered to produce an ‘X’ shaped composition, whereby the limbs appear to run at parallels with one another, ensuring that the painter has made full use of the field. The egg and dot motif fills the band encircling the neck and the wave motif runs around the vessel above the base. The reverse constitutes a plain black slip. - (AM.0039)

Ancient Unknown
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Barakat Gallery
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