Campanian Black-Glazed Guttus - PF.5391 - For Sale

Campanian Black-Glazed Guttus - PF.5391
Price: $2500.00
A finely modeled Gorgon head in relief occupies the central portion of this guttus. The head of the Gorgon Medusa was featured the aegis (shield) of the goddess Athena; and in fact, with the suggestion of a helmet, this may be the goddess herself. A long spout, ridged at the top, and a short handle are characteristic of this type of vessel, as is the fine incising on the sides. Two areas of orange slip decorate the triple-tiered base. It has been suggested the guttus was used as a feeding bottle for infants. More likely, it was a filling-bottle for oil lamps; and in this case, a fine testimony to the terracotta vessels of the Magna Grecia. - (PF.5391)

Ancient Greek
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