Gnathian Polychrome Oinochoe with High Handle - PF.5802 - For Sale

Gnathian Polychrome Oinochoe with High Handle - PF.5802
Price: $3000.00
The central motif of this charming vessel shows red and white painted leaves growing off of a central branch. The leaves all slant diagonally and frame a central solar motif formed by a series of concentric orange rings surrounded by radiating lines. This oinochoe may originally have contained fine wine, or some other luxury product like oil or perfume. Perhaps it was passed around in Dionysian revelries, wine pouring forth from inside. Its soaring handle and elongated spout give this oinochoe a sculptural elegance typical of ancient Greek pottery. When we hold it today and delight in the beauty of its form and intricate patterns, we share our pleasure with people who lived long ago during the flower of the Classical age. - (PF.5802)

Ancient Greek
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Barakat Gallery
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Beverly Hills
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