Islamic Incense Burner with a Handle - P.0389 - For Sale

Islamic Incense Burner with a Handle - P.0389
Price: $1200.00
Islamic Incense Burner with a Handle - P.0389, Origin: Jericho, Circa: 700 AD to 900 AD, Dimensions: 4" (10.2cm) high x 3.5" (8.9cm) wide, Catalogue: V1, Collection: Near Eastern, Style: Early Islamic, Medium: Terracotta. One of the customs that the new religion of Islam inherited from the ancient world was the burning of fragrant incense for the glory of god. This simple, though graceful, clay brazier, dating from the earliest days of Islam's Golden Age, is still blackened around the holes where the smoke rose up to the heavens. We imagine it grasped in the hand of a believer centuries ago, when the faith of Mohammed was still young.

Ancient Near East
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