Bronze Double-Wicked Oil Lamp - LO.1086 - For Sale

Bronze Double-Wicked Oil Lamp - LO.1086
Price: $8000.00
Bronze Double-Wicked Oil Lamp - LO.1086, Origin: Central Asia, Circa: 11 th Century AD to 13 th Century AD, Dimensions: 4.5" (11.4cm) high, Collection: Islamic Art, Style: Islamic, Medium: Bronze. Cast and engraved copper alloy oil lamp with a closed body,inspired by Byzantine prototypes, two long covered wicks with spade-shaped knobbed mouth, a small thumb-piece, a large ring-handle projecting straight up with a three- dimensional bird on top. The globular body flattened and bearing a wave band around the opening. In the centre a circular hole, covered by a domed lid with raised knob hinged at the back of the opening. On both sides of the body, a small lobed palmette projecting handle. The lamp is supported by a tall detachable base with large splayed foot, a feature encountered mostly in Khurasan, and a straight neck. On the foot, an incised band of downturned palmettes.

Ancient Near East
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