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Balinese Gold Figure of Vishnu - DA.689
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As the vertical axis supporting the cosmos, Vishnu is most often represented standing in an upright taut posture. Vishnu is adorned with a towering crown known in iconographical texts as the 'Kiritamukuta.' This is literally and metaphorically the highest of all crowns. The shape is that of a rather conical cylinder, similar to a miter, ending in a knot or point. When worn by a deity, this signifies that he has a rank among the highest of all gods. The facial expression is benevolent and the eyes gentle - befitting attributes for Vishnu, since he is believed to be the preserver of the cosmic order. The sharp nose grants a handsome demeanor to the face. The lips are lightly compressed, with the lower one being slightly thicker than the upper. Sumptuously bejeweled, Vishnu has four arms that carry the wheel, the conch shell, and the club. The extended right hand has a lotus, and displays the Abhaya mudra - the gesture which grants the boon of fearlessness. Thus does Vishnu describe himself in an ancient text: "The world rests as the lotus in the palm of my hand, the cosmos revolves around my finger like a discus. I blow the music of life through my conch and wield my mace to protect all creatures." Vishnu is straight as a post, for he is the firm center, and the axis of the universe; he is the sturdy pillar that joins the earth to the heavens. Indeed to his devotees, a formal, hieratic representation of Vishnu - their refuge. Blue-skinned Vishnu and Rama are Earth- preserving deities, whose role is to keep the moral and natural orders intact and in balance. Rama works to defeat base human emotions such as greed, anger and fear, while Vishnu and his Earth-regenerating serpent Ananta protect the planet itself. They symbolize right livelihood, the husbanding of resources, and masculine nurturance. The archetype of the Husbandman, the All-Pervasive Sustainer Depicted as a mighty king, Vishnu is a kind and adaptable god who works continuously for the world's welfare. Traditionally associated with the sun, he always descends to earth in avataric (bodily) forms when the danger of total destruction is imminent. The three best-known of Vishnu's 10 avatars are Rama, Krishna, and Buddha. Others include Narasinha the lion avatar, and Kalki the horseman avatar - (DA.689)

Ancient Near East
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