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Russian Orthodox Icon - PF.5179
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Three central figures dominate this beautiful icon. At left a man dressed in a brilliant red cloak leaning against a draped pedestal, gestures with both hands as if he is making a passionate plea. Standing more rigidly at right is a man wearing a cuirass like a Roman soldier holding onto a shield with his right hand. Standing between them a lovely hooded woman watches with an expression of compassion and gentleness. Above this scene, floating on billowy clouds, we see the seated Christ holding onto the Cross; while God the Father looks on with right hand raised as if He is about to make a pronouncement. Painted with skill and delicacy this icon presents a scene of earthly drama and divine solemnity, created with a rich use of detail and originality. - (PF.5179)Russian Orthodox Icon - PF.5179Origin:Russia Circa: 1750 AD to 1900 ADDimensions: 17" (43.2cm)highx14.25" (36.2cmwide Collection: Russian Icons Medium: Oil On Panel

Ancient Unknown
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