Russian Brass Cross With Enamel - PF.5175 - For Sale

Russian Brass Cross With Enamel - PF.5175
Price: $1800.00
Within the small context of this fine cross is contained the imagery fundamental to the basic narrative of Christianity. The crucified Christ appears to be at the moment of death, which marks the beginning of renewed life through the resurrection. Inscribed on His halo are letters standing for "King of Glory". God the Father looks down upon His only begotten Son, while two angels appear to swoop down towards the top of the cross. The cruelty of death is graphically depicted at the bottom by a skull and the tangled growth of the sepulchral Golgotha. The scene lightens with beautiful rolling hills in white, blue and green offering a nice perspective of Jerusalem in the distance. The sky behind Christ seems to open up, as if a passage to heaven is revealed, with the sun and moon in the upper corners symbolizing the solar system juxtaposed to the spiritual world of the realm of God. Most likely usedforprivateworship,thiscrossexpresses the beauty of the Christian faith, combining ornate decoration with humility inarefinedobjectofsimpledevotion. - (PF.5175)Russian Brass Cross With Enamel - PF.5175Origin: Russia Circa: 1750 AD to1900ADDimensions: 6.75" (17.1cm) high x 4.25" (10.8cm) wide Collection: Russian Medium: Brass

Ancient Unknown
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