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Christ Pantocrator - PF.4756
Price: $9000.00
Whether intended to be hung in a church or for private worship, the icon is both an artistic form and an object of devotion. Deriving from the Greek word for image or reflection, the icon depicts holy personages, saints, scenes from the scriptures, the Holy Family and Christ. This beautiful icon shows Christ facing frontally, giving His sign of blessing, and holding the scriptures. The lovely silver is original, gracefully depicting Christ's robe decorated with a detailed floral pattern. With great skill and loving care, the artist has depicted Christ's face as supernaturally serene and extremely gentle. The silver halo sparkles in the light, radiant as the robe framing the compassionate expression of the Saviour. - (PF.4756)Christ Pantocrator - PF.4756Origin: Russia Circa: 1800 AD to 1900 ADCollection: Russian Style: Russian Orthodox Medium: Oil on Wood/Silver

Ancient Unknown
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