The Virgin Mary the Healer - PF.5183 - For Sale

The Virgin Mary the Healer - PF.5183
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This icon was once owned by the hospital of the St. Virgin the Healerin St.Petersburg.Accordingtothestoryassociatedwith it, a friar of the church of Nazarene was very ill and near death. On the day of the Holy Bliss he was healed as if by an angelic miracle. The icon shows the sick man lying in bed propped up on a thick pillow. The Virgin stands next to him with white rays of light emanating from her crown and from her hand. A heavy green drape frames the left side, while a lone cypress tree can be seen through the archway at right, stark against the night sky. From this simple scene we derive a comforting message, of renewed health both physical and spiritual through prayer, and the sense thatmiraculous intervention is possible in an hour of need. - (PF.5183)The Virgin Mary the Healer - PF.5183Origin: Russia Circa: 1750 AD to 1900 ADDimensions: 11.75(29.8cm)highx10(25.4cm)wide Collection:Russian Icons Style:Russian Orthodox Medium: Oil on Wood Panel

Ancient Unknown
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