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Septpartite Icon - PF.5200
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The imagery on this handsome icon is done in the "Lubok" style, which retained the highly stylized quality of Byzantine iconography. On the central panel of the upper section we see Christ after His resurrection, surrounded by a "Holy Glow" while greeting His disciples. This is the main theme of the icon as indicated by the words above the border stating, "Resurrection of Christ". The Virgin Mary is seen at left with the infant Jesus, opposite to St. Nicholas the "Miracle Worker". The middle panel shows the Archangel Stephan in white surrounded by a venerable group comprising (from left to right) Saints Vasiley, Gregory, John, the Guardian Angel Izocy, St. Sava and Saints Florus and Laurus. Saint George is at the bottom left riding his white steed spearing a dragon. Three female saints occupy the central panel, (from left to right), are Saints Martha, Catherine and Ann. Standing alone at right is Saint Nikita, offering his blessings with his right hand raised. Within the finely detailed decorative border and against a background of brilliant gold, we have gathered here saints and angels of utmost importance to Russian religious life; all of who are richly colored and full of expression and holy mystery. - (PF.5200)Septpartite Icon - PF.5200Origin: Russia Circa: 1750 ADto1900ADDimensions:14(35.6cm) high x 12" (30.5cm) wide Collection: Russian Icons Style: Russian Orthodox Medium: Oil on Wood Panel

Ancient Unknown
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