Diptych Featuring Christ and Archangel Gabriel - PF.5302 - For Sale

Diptych Featuring Christ and Archangel Gabriel - PF.5302
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This very unique iconconsistsoftwoimages,oneoneitherside,depictingthe Archangel Gabriel and Jesus Christ. The angel's head is tilted at an angle suggestive of inner contemplation. His hair is quite elaborate with thick curls piled high, and a looser wavy portion flowing over his left shoulder. Two white 'curly-cues' serve as striking hair ornaments, or perhaps as lightening streaks of grey. His red mantel is tied in a knot on the upper right, with black lines indicating folds. Though his cheeks are full and youthful, the neck muscles show signs of age and the brow is creased as if deep in thought. Christ appears wearing rough clothes with His hair unkempt, seeming as if He has just emerged from His forty day sojourn in the desert. A halo proclaims His divinity, as a scrollofparchment suddenly appears at lower left, as if blown up by a gust of wind. The redbackground is suitable to a desert scene and alsotothefirein Christ'sheartaftersurmountingthetemptationsofevil.Bothpanelspresentadramaticdepictionoftwoholybeings,theonepurespiritandtheotherthespiritof God,yetbothveryhumaninappearance.-(PF.5302)Diptych Featuring Christand Archangel Gabriel-PF.5302Origin: Russia Circa: 1750 AD to 1900 AD Dimensions: 17.75" (45.1cm) high x16"(40.6cm) wide Collection: Russian Icons Style: Russian Orthodox Medium: Oil on Wood Panel

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