The Madonna Pechorskye - PF.5689 - For Sale

The Madonna Pechorskye - PF.5689
Price: $5000.00
This icon represents Mary, with the infant Christ on her lap, seated upon a throne, surrounded by saints. Saint Zacharias stands on the left while Maria stands on the right, both hold out their hands as if presenting this scene. Unfortunately, the names of the other two main saints have worn off with time; however, they must be of great importance to be so close to the Madonna. An architectural illumination, consisting primarily of a crosshatched pattern, delineates the throne from the golden background. Stylistically, much is derived from earlier Byzantine paintings and mosaics, including the elongation of the human form, the linear, angular handling of drapery and the lack of any setting or environment. This is a holy scene; the surrounding saints look on with awe and reverence, as we too should. - (PF.5689)The Madonna Pechorskye PF.5689Origin:Russia Circa:19th Century ADDimensions: 12.25" (31.1cm) high Collection:Russian Icons Style:Russian Orthodox Medium: Tempera on Wood

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