Indian Wooden Polychrome Peacock - PF.5460 - For Sale

Indian Wooden Polychrome Peacock - PF.5460
Price: $9000.00
It is the male of the species that attempts to attract the female (peahen) with his gorgeous span of feathers. This colorfully handsome peacock stands on a raised platform, its large feet firmly planted, its chest of white seashell-shaped feathers puffed out, the erect tail composed of intricate tails cleverly creating a feel of softness and movement. Certain ornamental details, such as the dual "plaques" in red and black rings around the legs, add a picturesque quality. Peacocks are featured in Mughal art associated with the royal court, seen strolling about a palace in a regal manner. In Hindu mythology, the patterns on the wings, resembling innumerable eyes, are believed to represent the starry firmament. - (PF.5460)

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Antique Statues
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