Indian Bronze Nandi - PF.1507DC - For Sale

Indian Bronze Nandi - PF.1507DC
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Nandi the bull-calf is the mount or vehicle of Lord Shiva. As Shiva’s most devoted disciple, his image is often placed directly opposite Shiva’s shrine in Hindu temples. Regularly honoured by worshippers with offerings of flowers and incense, sculptures of Nandi are often touched in the hope that devotees will be able to imitate the strength of his devotion to Shiva. It is not known when these two deities first came to be associated but there is a long history of devotion to bulls in Asia. The early civilisation of the Indus Valley in particular (c. 3000-2000 BC) clearly held the bull in high veneration- producing images in stone and terracotta. In Sanskrit Nandi means ‘joyfulness’ or ‘He who gives joy.’ This refers to the emotions experienced by the devotee in the presence of Shiva.Depicted in a recumbent pose on a rectangular plinth, this cast bronze image is highly decorative. Strings of bells are hung around the neck and rear of the animal. A jewel or bead encrusted quadrangular rug is placed across the back and the ornaments adorn the legs. A variety of methods have been used to create different textures on the surface. In addition to the cast decoration, there are areas of punching around the nostrils and small stamped coils on the left cheek and legs. This is a charming and evocative image of the popular bull deity. (AM) - (PF.1507DC)

Ancient Near East
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